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Make a big difference with small changes !!!

You want to support our SUNSHINE NURSERY SCHOOL?

For example with a donation of 9€, one child can be fed a warm breakfast and lunch every day for a month in our school.

With a donation of 
100€ one child can get breakfast and lunch for a whole year.

With420€the monthly costs for the entire school are covered (2 salaries, hygiene items, water, food, firewood,...)

As you can see, you can achieve great things with your donation!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to donate money and we will discuss what you can make possible with your donation.

Would you like to take on a sponsorship?

With only1€ per dayyou enable a child to attend the Mwanzo Daycare.

With your donation your sponsor child will recieve:

      care from 6 am to 6 pm while his/her mom works at
       the market
      3 hot meals per day
       fresh drinking water
       games and learning materials
       basic medical care
      the teacher, the cook and the watchman will also
      recieve a small wage


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