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We are going to
                  build a school!!

May 29, 2022

This week we visited the kids from the Sunshine Nursery School at their old school.

Even if the building has become a motley place of learning thanks to our help, there is no future for this school because the rent is no longer affordable.


"The kitchen" is unacceptable and yet it is so important that two meals are prepared for the children here, as many get nothing at home because there is no money for that.

I am so happy that we were able to show the kids the location of their new SUNSHINE NURSERY SCHOOL. There will be a classroom, a toilet building and, most importantly, a real kitchen.


May 10, 2022

Today is a day that I will remember forever! 💖
I would never have dared to dream this!✨
And now it`s official!

WE are going to BUILD A SCHOOL!!!!✨🎉🎊
Who are we?
You probably know me 😉 and there are two other powerful women by my side!
Number 1: Annie from Ireland. She is just like me, she follows her dreams like a maniac and prefers to put them all into practice right now! 
Number 2: The incredible Nancy. She is the woman with the biggest heart ever. She already runs 3 outreach schools and has just opened another daycare center. This is all done as a volunteer without payment. One of the schools she runs is the Sunshine School. A Nursery School for children between 3 and 6 years old. The school is located in a small old building. A kitchen or a fence around the site cannot be built, as this would raise the rent immeasurably. Even so, the rent increases every month, which means that the school cannot be maintained for much longer.
A school closure would mean that these children no longer have access to education, which would drastically worsen their life course.
We can`t allow that!
So Annie and I decided to build the new ☀️SUNSHINE SCHOOL☀️ very close to the old Sunshine School with the help of Nancy.
And we are going to start TOMORROW!
Woohoo I can`t believe it!

First, we have to get every single building material!
The shopping list is complete: 100 sacks of cement, 300 heavy bricks, 1200 light bricks,... And much more...

A big THANKS to everyone who has already supported me with a donation. You are the reason this is all possible!!! 💕

From the first to the last stone!

The school is open!

Thanks to all the little helpers who made this project possible through donations or support on site and thus achieved great things!

              Together we made it!
                          The construction is complete!

The Sunshine School is attended daily by about 40 children, who receive 2 warm meals in addition to the lessons.

Would you like to help make this possible?


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